Don’t let the couch kill your dreams

For my first blog for The Fitness Box (which by the way is the manifestation of my dreams), I wanted to write about something that I passionately believe is the single most important thing that determines whether we achieve our fitness goals or any goal in life for that matter. That thing is called Perseverance! Perseverance is the closest thing to “the magic pill” that if possessed makes the difference between  those who succeed in reaching their goals and succeeding in life and those who don’t. So often people give up and fall at the last hurdle, when instead, if they had just struggled on for a few more feet, the finish line was just round the corner.

To achieve your fitness goals, whether it’s becoming a size 10 to fit into your dream wedding dress or achieving marathon conquering fitness levels, you absolutely must stick at it. Life will always drop obstacles in your path. Whether it’s those cold, dark winter mornings that made your cosy bed far more appealing than going for that pre-work jog, or that great new mini-series on Netflicks that all your mates have been telling you, you’ve just got to watch, there will always be challenges, distractions and above all moments of mental weakness that stopped you persevering and steered you back to your comfort zone.


Let’s be honest…most of us are inherently lazy creatures that derive our motivation from glimpses of seeked out inspiration from outside sources. This may be painful for some of us to accept but the fact is true. Every desire, aspiration and goal takes a backseat to what benefits us in the moment. If what we can do in the moment takes less effort than what we should be doing to attain our goal, fitness or otherwise, then we choose the road most travelled.

So how on earth do we combat these urges to stay on the comfy couch and fill our head with excuses that make our lives “easier”. We first have to understand that we can and will be lazy at times.

The couch is responsible for more killed dreams than any other piece of furniture in your home. It promises relaxation and ease of mind by just resting upon it for a few moments. However, as it sucks you into this passive and relaxed state of mind, you slowly lose grasp of those minutes, hours…days, that could have been used to propel you further in life. The couch does not allow for opportunities and the pursuit of our dreams, it kills them. Go to a scrap yard and look at a couch…behind the tattered cushions and tears, you will see a cemetery of goals that never came to fruition, million dollar ideas that were worth no more than the penny that slipped through the lining.

The way to get around it?…Think about the you in 10 years time…think about your perception of yourself if you were to continue on your path and not make changes, not take a few risks, not get your act together and carrying on living a life of complacency. Your own opinion and perception of yourself is going to way heaviest on your conscience of what could have been; what should have been. Just think what could have happened, the body you could have built, the figure you could have sculpted, the self-confidence you could have achieved, had you just persevered and overcome the lure of the couch.