Exercise for your Sanity!

The benefits of regular exercise stretch far beyond that of a healthy body. Our ever growing need for technology, gadgets and information on a permanent rolling loop for constant consumption can dwarf the need for good old fashioned physical activity.

Work and family stresses can easily take over in a wave of to do lists, taxi servicing and the dreaded synced inbox; making it harder to lift our heads above the parapet of everyday life and look for something small to reward ourselves with. We’ve all been there; when the pressures of busy scheduling and highly coordinated school and commuter trips get the better of us, the time set aside for a tiny slice of ‘me time’ is the first to be wiped out from the timetable.

It is becoming more and more evident however, the positive effects just a small amount of physical exercise can have on the mind, body and soul. Yes, of course there are times when getting home, getting your kit on and running out of the door may seem impractical and sometimes altogether unattractive – however do you know anyone who came away from a workout feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and de-motivated? No me neither.

A little exercise goes a long way

By taking just 45 minutes a few times a week, you can focus your mind, improve your fitness and equip yourself to succeed in other areas of your life. A jog around the block, a walk with the dog or in our case at The Fitness Box, a fun and challenging Indoor cycling class can all help improve physical and mental wellbeing and encourage positive thinking and satisfaction.

Physical exercise can be fun (we promise!) – It’s about finding out what suits you and can enrich your lifestyle. There are so many options available for all levels of commitment and ability, from hardcore gym goers to exercise commitment phobes – join us for fun, flexible and friendly group fitness classes to help boost your physical and mental wellbeing.