I understand why some people (athletes, in particular) find Cross-Fit so addicting, it’s a high intensity program where you’re constantly looking to outperform the person next to you. But I  also understand why others might shy away from that type of culture. If you’re a fitness noob, such a competitive atmosphere can be intimidating. And even those who are super fit or have niggling injuries might find themselves on the disabled list after a few rounds of doing as many power cleans as possible in a minute and a half. And to all of those people, I say this: Cross-Fit isn’t the only game in town. If you’re looking for a fun, challenging, high-energy group fitness program that doesn’t make any compromises to drive results, give P90X Live a try.

Fast, Total Body Workouts P90X LIVE classes last about 55 minutes and incorporate multiple training components, including cardio, upper- and lower-body resistance training, and core work. all you need is an insatiable desire to sweat buckets and have fun. Plus, every workout is scalable to accommodate any fitness level, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice lifter or a seasoned athlete — if you show up consistently, you’ll see results.
Emphasis on Safety P90X LIVE classes are held in group exercise studios, I provide plenty of one-on-one attention to make sure everyone performs every move with proper form. If you find a move too difficult, I can provide modifications and tweaks. I am there to lead, demonstrate, and encourage you to safely push your limits, not compete with person next to you.

Group Benefits You might join a P90X Live class to pursue personal goals (losing weight, boosting cardiovascular fitness, building muscle), but you’ll quickly realize benefits of sweating in a team: People tend to exercise harder in the presence of others than they do on their own. Scientists call it the Koehler effect, and the effects are powerful: In a 2011 at Michigan State University, subjects who were assigned a partner held a plank for one minute and 20 seconds longer than those who performed it solo.