SPIVI  Indoor cycling comes to The Fitness Box

Lets be honest we all have that competitive streak within us somewhere. Secretly we all like to out do are fellow man/woman at some point in our lives? So imagine yourself at the front of the cycling pack, powering up the mountain side road in the alps with 20 or more riders in hot pursuit. Imagine the feeling, the adrenaline pumping, the legs burning and the excitement building as the summit beckons and you eagerly anticipate the 45 mile an hour thrills to come from the descent to follow.spivi-logo-2

Now imagine that tucked in behind you locked onto your rear wheel is Sarah and Anne your two best mates, and behind her is your auntie Beryl. (the fittest 50 something year old in the neighbourhood). And behind her is John, Sarah’s, not quite as fit as he used to be boyfriend and coming up alongside him is James, John’s cycling mad younger brother.

But hold on, you’re not in the Alps at the head of the Peloton battling through a King of the mountains stage in the Tour de France, you’re in Mansfield Woodhouse on a cold and wet Tuesday night at The Fitness Box enjoying SPVI, the immersive 3D Indoor cycling visualisation experience.

SPIVI uses clever technology to beam you up onto the big screen with your own personalised Avatar, into breath-taking riding locations around with world, with such amazing graphics, its easy to forget you’re in an Indoor cycling studio.

The class instructor still spins and motivates you on at the front of the class, but has the added ability to change the steepness of the road your cycling on from a gruelling climb to a hair raising flat out descent to the bottom of the valley floor,  all at the push of a button, synchronised with inspiring music. He can even change the screen to a night ride at the flick of a switch. It’s Indoor cycling at its most addictive.

How much power you are putting through the pedals determines your Avatar’s position in the riding group on the big screen. The harder you are working out, the more likely you are to be at the head of the pack. Its great fun and adds a whole new dimension to your Indoor Cycling.

SPIVI brings out the competitive nature in everyone. Auntie Beryl is no longer just your favourite Auntie, she’s your biggest rival, and you can’t wait till next Tuesday’s SPIVI spin night, to secretly get your own back after that thrilling last corner pass that Beryl pulled on you in Tuesday’s hugely enjoyable spin session at The Fitness Box.

Clck here to see SPIVI in action.