We are only human after all

I am one of the lucky ones. I have never really had to worry too much about my weight and what I eat, my body always finds some way of burning off the extra calories I’ve consumed. But I know for many of us that is just not the case and every day is a constant struggle, fending off the hunger pangs followed by bouts of guilt from that follow from eating that sugar filled delicacy we just couldn’t resist.

But so many of us, and in particular the dieticians/nutritionists and so called food experts that peddle so many “impossible to stick to” diets, forget that we are after all, just human! We are not machines, we are not robots, we are full of chemicals and hormones, that make it impossible  for a normal human being to have the unbreakable iron will to defy everything that naturally works against us, in sticking to the latest wonder diet. That new magic diet that is going to trounce all those other super diets that have come before and delivered such miserable results.

So what is the point I making here. It’s simply this. Don’t expect to defy nature and achieve the impossible. If you follow a diet, that is so rigid, so devoid of calories, so bland, so green and so utterly unfulfilling, you absolute will not overcome the bodies innate survival mechanism to feed itself and conquer the ever present  food cravings that will haunt you night and day.

Remember you are only human and follow a combined, sustainable  diet and fitness regime that is actually achievable, unless you happen to be super human.


I genuinely believe diet alone will not cut it. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, office desk job for example, with little or no extra exercise, you will inevitably always consume more calories, with all life’s little food temptations than your body expends daily. The net result; weight gain.

The only dietary regime that will succeed is one that is combined with regular physical exercise  that will allow you to eat enough food (and yes including a few treats) so that you are not always feeling hungry, and trying to achieve the impossible, using will power alone to defy human nature.

So next time you decide to embark on that sub 1000 calories per day, just protein, wonder diet, that’s going to transform your life, just remember you are only human.