Indoor cycling re-invented

Our Indoor cycling classes are high energy, fun filled full body workouts on a bike! We have classes designed for all levels whether you’re a beginner or been cycling since you were four. We have different class types throughout the day and across the week, so you can choose the format that best motivates you. So saddle up, ride and leave nothing in the tank. Watch your body transform through fun filled spinouts fuelled by awesome music, high energy and the hottest instructors.

Revolution 45

This is our higher intensity indoor cycling class. A tougher, technique driven 45 minute ride, but big on fun!

SPIN 45 –

Lower intensity, maximum fun, 45 minute session with jumps, short sprints and hills all part of the fun.

Burn 30 Express Spin

Similar format to its lengthier big brother (REVOLUTION45), BURN 30 is an excitement filled, higher intensity 30min ride.

Quickspin 30

Short duration, mid paced indoor cycling session designed to fit around your busy lives. Put that dinner break to good use and have fun.