Ass Abs & Legs- Wednesday 09:30 & Friday 09:30 07447948176 to Book

Ass Abs and Legs(AAL) is the Core workout to tone and shape those problem areas. This class will focus on toning your legs,  stomach and bum.

These areas of the body are often considered the worst parts of the body when it comes to shifting unwanted fat. Our  classes are a fun filled way to help tone those wobbly bits. Particularly popular with our women members who are keen to lose weight and improve their overall body shape, firm up their bum and tum and have leaner legs.

For your midsection we take you through a mix of crunches, oblique work, lower abdominal exercises, planks, and just about anything else you can think of to target the midriff. Did someone say abs of steel?

Your legs and bum will get a great workout through, jumping squats,  walking lunges, burpees, step aerobics and all sorts of simple lower body moves whether you’re standing or air-cycling on the floor. You’ll tone baby tone!

While targeting those flabby areas the full cardio workout will also increases your stamina and endurance, build strength and increase your flexibility & mobility.

Lower body focus
Tone & Condition
Thighs - Bum - Abs

Is it for me?

It’s one for the ladies but gents are welcome too. Our LBT class uses mainly bodyweight exercises such as lunges, squats and tummy twists which can be a bit challenging for the first timer. But don’t worry! Our instructors will help you reduce the speed/intensity and range of movement until you fitness levels improve and you’ve got the technique mastered.