Personal Trainers Do Make A Difference!

At some point 70% of Brits begin an exercise program but in less than 3 months 80% of those same individuals will quit and give up. Interestingly, 85% of all individuals who have a Personal Trainer stick to their fitness schedule, achieving far more than they could working out alone.

This is where the benefits of using a personal trainer come in. Our Personal Trainers will ensure every movement of every exercise is optimised to help you reach your full potential, and most importantly, they are there to prevent you from giving up half way through a session.

So if you have specific fitness goals that you’d like to achieve or just prefer to train in a more private and personalised setting, our one to one personal training sessions are just what you’re after!

We offer one hour private sessions with one of our highly qualified personal trainers. Whether you are looking to hit a new personal best on a specific lift, looking to lose weight and tone up, need to re-habilitate an injury or maximise your performance in your chosen sport, we will come up with a training plan specific to your individual goals and take your strength and fitness to another level!

In our personal training area, we have a range of quality equipment available at our disposal. From Olympic bars to Kettlebells, to Slam balls and  TRX suspension trainers, we have all the equipment you need to work the entire body!  We keep our sessions fun and varied making use of many different training styles and equipment.

Let us help you with your Fitness Goals, Whether it is Fat Loss, Muscle Gain or to Prepare for that Special event

For details and prices of our different Personal Training packages call Lloyd on  01623 623460/07447948176 or email: